Many of us have questions about this great mystery called life. Most of us are seeking an answer and some of us are desperately trying to fill a void. It appears we are walking through a vast darkness, searching for a light to illuminate our journey. It is your rite and privilege to discover a path where you may find happiness, abundance, peace and love. These experiences you search for may help you feel safe, a place to come home to.

I know this place resides within us. Even though I have this awareness, I feel when we are very young this sense of connection to our true Self is lost. The certainty that we are united with each other, as well as to a divine source is forgotten. This thought or belief may create a sense of anxiety. When we lose the knowledge of this connection, the link to the higherself; the ego comes in and begins to alter our reality. The ego will then try to define our truth, we begin to deny, settle and not live our soul’s journey. The mind is left on its own to figure things out, however the mind will create from what it knows, because it has no concept of infinite possibility. Unfortunately, we then only have the option to fill in the blanks with information which is past tense. Our mind creates what I see in about a tenth of a second, due to the most powerful tool in the body, the brain. I have visual, a link is created, I now have a reality. We experience 86,400 seconds in one day, and we are now creating the rest of our life on just one isolated event. I believe, it is likely you would choose differently if you felt secure within your choice. I feel and know you and I are completely supported and safe with all the choices we make. When we regain this wisdom the opportunity for us to create an empowering consequence will become evident. We then may begin our journey of radical transformation and infinite possibilities.

Did you know peace is our natural state of being? We choose stimulants in our daily lives, which take us away from this place of peace.

Somewhere along our journey we gave our peace away for excitement or anxiety. These feelings may not feel the same, nontheless excitement and anxiety are based on the same rise and fall of our emotions. Today, how far are you from the center of the peace circle? As the example is shown on page four, the center of the circle is where peace resides.

As we make choices throughout our lives, I feel it is important we choose with a clear intention and a lucid intuition. We can only do this when we are in our “center” seeing and feeling all things from a neutral standpoint. I call this being centered, neutral or peace.

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I began my journey as a successful young business owner practicing as an intuitive guide to many. Along my path I came across many personal challenges, this adversity touched my life, which then affected my happiness and state of peace.

Most of my experiences appeared as though they were created for me; I did not take responsibility for what was happening. I, somehow felt unsettled, unfulfilled, even though my life appeared to be unfolding nicely. Fortunately, I could see the threads or emotional links to my conditioning. I rediscovered my empowerment through my diligent practice of yoga, meditation and commitment to live in a state of peace. It was transparent, when I was aligned to the higher-self my intuition was stronger, my days unfolded simply, gently and lovingly.

I am now bringing forth the work I have done within my own life, as well as with numerous clients. It is vital to remain in a state of peace, to have the foundation of integrity, as well as living a balanced life...and with that said I feel compelled to share my discovery.

The program is based on my own need for spiritual transformation. It was created after a ten year pilgrimage of bringing guidance to my clients, as well as to the community. The unfolding of the course was a natural process as I was inspired by my travels to Sedona, AZ. It entailed my intuition with the awareness of the mind, body and spirit connection. I combined the multitude of knowledge of these elements, and incorporated a journey to the higher-self.

What transpires within the 24 session program, begins a profound shift of awareness back to the ‘ Self ’. We begin to see where we are investing our energies and grasp the power of choice. The true motivation will be revealed, which could be linked to the subconscious mind. This insight will awaken your authentic state, so you may live freely to build a life with a foundation based in truth and love. We will reflect upon the agreements you have made, and transform them into commitments. We will discover your intention and develop healthy goals. You will begin to trust your intuition and the universal flow of transformation. A possible opportunity will reveal itself to create a life where you are complete, and infinite possibilities are the only option. To do this we must first Align with the higher self.

  • An intention. We will discuss this in detail, as well as revisit your intention as the sessions progress
  • Word work: journaling - redefine your motivation from the from the authentic self.
  • Create peace and release anxiety.
  • Meditation: we will rediscover breath; the vital life force. Discuss options to create a practice of meditation, as well as the use of crystals and a special blend of essential oils if needed.
  • A journey or meditation to the higher self.
  • Chakras: we will discuss in detail the 11 major light energies that reside in the body. Balance and remove blocks from the Chakra system.
  • Compassionate Healing Session
  • Private Intuitive Yoga Session.
  • Touching the Soul Reading
  • Aligning with the Higher Self

It is said the universal consciousness is linked to the soul. They share a unique language. The soul communicates through a vibration felt at the heart center. As we begin to live authentically, it becomes apparent we must learn to trust the Self, as well as follow the heart.

This is a unique experience that is custom created for the client. One or more of the services may not be utilized in the program