This is an exceptional time we are all experiencing here on earth. It is a privilege that we are living during the days of a spiritual modern movement. Just imagine how exciting this could be, if you knew your possible role in this universal, as well as emotional and mental shift. I feel it is vital we now have this discovery, so we may live this experience in our highest good. To do this, we must first Align with the higher self.

Many of us have questions about this great mystery called life. Most of us are seeking an answer, searching for a sense of peace, and some of us are desperately trying to fill a void. It is your rite and privilege to live a life where you will feel peace, abundance, bliss and love. I know this place resides within us. I believe when we are very young this sense of connection to our true Self is lost. The certainty that we are united with each other, as well as to a divine source is forgotten. This thought or belief may take us away from our natural state of peace and create a sense of anxiety. When we regain this wisdom of our true nature the opportunity for us to create an empowering consequence will become evident.

This three day event is based on a program I created after a ten year pilgrimage of bringing guidance to my clients, as well as to the community. The unfolding of the course was a natural process as I was inspired by my travels to Sedona, AZ. It entailed my intuition with the awareness of the mind, body and spirit connection. I combined the multitude of knowledge of these elements, and incorporated a journey to the higher-self.

What we hope for is the beginning of a profound shift of awareness back to the ‘ Self ’. This insight will awaken your authentic state, so you may live freely to build a life with a foundation based in truth and love. You will begin to trust your intuition and the universal flow of transformation. A possible opportunity will reveal itself to create a life where you are complete, and infinite possibilities are the only option. To do this we must first Align with the higher self

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